LCD Screens in boxes

What is a boxed LCD screen?

LCD stands for “liquid crystal display” screen which we have built into a presentation box. The LCD was needed so that sales and marketing people could show videos during client presentations.

Why design an LCD presentation box as marketing collateral?

A well-designed, customized LCD presentation may be the most convincing and cost-effective one-on-one sales presentation method in existence!

The photos below are of a job we produced for our client.

Success story




Our client, a graphic arts designer, was designing marketing collateral and needed a presentation box. This project required six sketch designs, two prototypes and four meetings before production started. The client had 8 requirements:

  1. Easy to transport (and maybe drop) without damage to the LCD screen
  2. Easy to activate the LCD and progress through sales presentation to clients
  3. Match corporate colours
  4. Be composed of largely recycled materials
  5. Visually appealing
  6. Unique, customized
  7. Be produced within the required time frame
  8. Stay within a specified budget

We accomplished all eight requirements!




  • Captures attention of clients
  • Tells the client story vividly and compellingly

Factors to consider

  • Choice of LCD is critical: how big does the LCD screen have to be? How long is the video presentation? Is the presentation to one person or a group?
  • Will the LCD be ready/available in the CONTEXT OF YOUR PRODUCTION DEADLINE?
  • How is the presentation box to be positioned during the presentation? On a desk? Held in hand?