Set-up Boxes

Set-up boxes is an industry term for what most people would refer to as a chocolate style box.  A set-up style box has two pieces…a top and a bottom.  We make set-up boxes.  As pictured, the process of manufacturing set-up boxes requires die-cutting, brown (most common colour), grey, white or black coloured “chip board” with 4 slits that act as hinges.  Four corners are then removed followed by the automatic application of 4 strips, if tape (paper or plastic) to each corner to form the “box”. We then die-cut blank or printed paper and glue/wrap the top and bottom components of the “set-up” box.

Set-up boxes are many times more expensive than folding boxes.  They are extremely bulky and can somewhat be easily crushed.  It can be reasonably said that set-up boxes are “classier”, than folding boxes.  We can make set-up boxes as small as 2 inches square and 1 inch high to 25 inches square and 25 inches high!  We make set-up boxes that are padded, or with metal corners, thumb cuts on the lids, or lined inside, top and bottom.  Yes, we make ordinary set-up boxes, but we are particularly good at making unusual sizes, with extras like padding etc.……  If you need customized set-up boxes…call us…we can help!