Book Step Cutting

We do Step Cutting on books that are already bound, like perfect bound, saddle stitched or hard back books! Book Step Cutting is a cost-effective alternative for clients that have a book that needs a tab or fold-out tab.

The images above show books that have been Step Cut. Each “step” can be different widths and lengths.

When a book has Face Cutting, the pages get progressively shorter towards the spine of the book resulting in “steps”.

The images above show books that have a Corner Cut.

We have unique machines that do Book Step Cutting, Book Corner Cutting and Book Face Cutting on pre-bound books. The following diagrams illustrate the various types and combinations of cutting available.

• Diagrams #1, #2 & #7 have combinations of Step Cuts, Corner Cuts and Face Cuts

• Diagram #4 above shows a Step Cut, which is by far the most common type

• Diagram #5 shows a double Step Cut

• Diagram #3 shows a Corner Cut

• Diagram #6 shows a Face Cut