Bindery Hanger

As I mentioned in this video, this process or product is called a “bindery hanger”.  A saddle-stitched booklet or a multiple panel folder that needs to be bound into a perfect-bound book needs to have a “stub” of blank “card stock” tipped to one edge, leaving a half-inch portion extending. The perfect binding machine grinds and glues the “stub” as if the piece were a normal section. If the “stub” was not attached, that wire stitches (staples) would grind off causing problems with the perfect binding machine.   If the piece to be bound in were a folder, the “grind” unit on the perfect binder would “cut” the folder into pieces.  If the saddle-stitched booklet or folder needs to be bound into a saddle-stitched book a slight change needs to be made.  Instead of a flat, single sheet being attached or tipped to the booklet or folder, a 4 page must be tipped on instead.  The automatic saddle stitcher automatically opens the 4-page tip-on, feeds it like a regular “signature section”.

Bindery Hangers

  1. solve problems
  2. are cost-effective when compared to hand insertion
  3. are unusual