Flipper Book

What is a flipper book?  To explain what a flipper book is I need more than pictures, but the addition of a video to show the “page” movement or “flipping” a “flipper book” is no longer patented!  They come in dozens of different sizes. The “page” or “flipper panels” ranges from 4 to 16.  A flipper book can house a “stand-up piece”, as shown in the video showing the “cigarette box!”

Flipper Books

Flipper Book

Flipper Book

For us to quote a “flipper book” we need to know…

  1. Quantity
  2. Overall size
  3. Number of “pages” or “flippers”

In the quoting stage we will recommend the appropriate stock weight needed, press sheet size and the number of “overs” sheets required.

At our end the “flipper book” requires a very specific layout for printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing.

We want your customer “interaction”, and intrigue and product understanding and recall you need a “flipper book!”


Always ask your printer for the panel sizes of a folded leaflet

There are hundreds of different ways to fold brochures.  Folding sequences become more complicated as the number of panels increases, which may seem obvious, but its not just because of the panel count.  Those panels that fold in on themselves need to be sized differently to allow a booklet/brochure to lie flat when completely folded.

***The old adage “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” is very true but a sample is better than a thousand pictures!!!

Call us for samples.  We would be glad to oblige.