Z-Fold Cards

When it comes to producing Z-Fold Cards, you print and we finish!

Z-Fold Cards

Z-Fold Cards
Z-Fold Cards

When we produce Z-Fold Cards, you don’t have to include any trademarks or vendor identification marks on the piece, and you aren’t limited to certain stocks or standard sizes.

Your Z-Fold Cards can have:

  • PMC die-shaped covers
  • Any size or shape of covers
  • Covers with pockets or slits
  • Folded covers
  • Pockets on front or back

Because the patent for Z-Fold Cards expired in 2010, there are no royalties or user fees to produce Z-Fold Cards. Many clients have been told that Z-Fold Cards can only be produced using a limited number of templates, layouts, and sizes. This isn’t true! We have hundreds of sizes and configurations for you to choose from and can add features like front and back pockets.

We deal with only graphic designers and printers and never approach your clients directly.