Laser cut formed box

It’s marketing collateral!


A graphic designer offered us a challenge. Design and produce 1000 presentation pieces to be couriered to high net worth donors to vividly display and draw in donations for a new building expansion of a museum. The piece had to be functional, unique, highly visual, easily couriered without damage, produced within budget and … very memorable!


Our solution, seen in photos above:

  • The outer box is foil stamped, lined with red material, and letterpress printed on the inside.
  • The three-dimensional inner piece is diecut, hand formed and glued.
  • The building platform has a cloth tab or ribbon, which allows the user to remove the model of the building extension.
  • The cavity underneath the model then displays a personalized invitation to the grand opening of the museum extension.

What the job entailed

  • Debossing, embossing, letter press, foil stamping, die cutting, gluing and wrapping … all to produce a memorable piece of marketing collateral.



  • Personalized invitation easily accessed
  • Includes tangible, three-dimensional model of building extension


  • Recipient of invitation is involved in touching/removing 5 pieces
  • Visual, tangible message more powerful than copy, photos or drawings
  • Couriered without damage




Factors to consider

  • Time line! Developing the concept, making mockups and producing required thousands of hours. Start the plan early!
  • Prototypes/mockups essential to establish tolerances required for removal of inner box, easy sliding of outer box and removal of building “model” to access invitation.
  • How will the marketing collateral be packaged for delivery?
  • Choice of colours constrained by availability of materials.