Capacity Folders

Capacity or gusset folders have one or more gusset pockets on the inside of the folder. Like all folders, capacity or gusset folders require die-cutting and gluing. In addition, they require, highly sophisticated box gluing and, in for the folder shown in this email, the hand application of a Velcro closure. This picture shows the capacity that opens on the right side. Additionally, the top gusset also opens from the right side enabling a booklet or menu to be inserted.

As shown above, the unique application of the gussets are an “upside-down” pocket on the top. Having gussets on both the top and bottom of the folder ensures that papers or booklets inserted into the folder do not fall out the top.

The image above shows the Velcro closure that was hand glued on the cover. The diagram shown below provides a close look at how gussets differ from ordinary pockets. Gussets can range in depth from 1/8″ to 1/2″.