Custom Setup Boxes

This video features three of the most common types of Setup Boxes that we produce all in-house. We have two machines that produce these boxes, which go by various trade names.

The first orange box shown above is the most common type of Setup Box. If there’s confusion as to what type of box that is (because there are so many!), I just call it a “chocolate box,” which is a better descriptor.

This style has a separate bottom, which nests into the upper lid. To make these boxes, we start by cutting 20pt to 40pt board and then use one of our machines to add paper tape to fasten the corners. Setup Boxes can be wrapped with anything from standard paper to faux leather or cloth. The next two images show a “naked” box before it has had the final wrap applied.

The yellow Setup Box has a wraparound lid, which almost always has a closure. The most common closure methods are Velcro fasteners, a hidden magnet or button and tie (aka button and string). The red Setup Box is similar, but unlike the yellow box, has a flush lid.

We can produce all three of these Setup Box styles in-house in a wide range of sizes and wrap materials. Give us a call when you’re looking for a custom Setup Box supplier!