Mylar Tabs

What use Mylar tabs?

Why, you ask, is Norm talking about Mylar tabs? Aren’t they old school? In with buggy whips and VHS?

No! A picture is really worth a thousand words!


The use of Mylar tabs has probably dropped 95% in the past few years. Why? Simply because of the internet—there’s less paper printing and because of that, a decreased need for tabs.

So, is there anything new in Mylar tabs? For sure. Look at the shapes we can make below.


Mylar tabs aren’t just your A-Z or 1-50 anymore. Historically, Mylar tabs always had two rounded shoulders and always the same radius for each tab.

Now, we produce different shapes of tabs and many variations.



  • 18 colours of actual Mylar but more colours are possible by printing the tab area
  • 4 standard widths for normal, double-shouldered tabs: 1/4”; 3/8”; 1/2”; and 5/8”
  • Height of regular tabs and our custom shapes can be from 3/4” to 10”!
  • Mylar finish is shiny, not matte



  • You can expand the range of colours by printing the tab area in your preferred colour and then using clear Mylar!
  • Extremely durable
  • Add value to any looseleaf product, including ring binders


Factors to consider

  • Stock must be at least 6pt
  • Tell us in advance whether you want Mylar tab to be drilled – this reduces your cost
  • Round-hole drilling should be done when the tabs are collated into a set of sheets.
  • Tabs can be spiral wire or wire-o punched

While the use of Mylar tabs has declined but there is still a place for them. Designers simply don’t promote them because out-of-sight means out-of-mind!