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At Anstey Book Binding we have been honoured to serve Canada and many international clients and their highly specialized bookbinding needs. Our history is closely intertwined with that of the city of Toronto, and we have grown alongside the city. Nearly fifty years after the founding of Toronto, two professional bookbinders by the names of Messrs. Anstey and Webb founded Anstey Book Binding in 1882. Originally settled in Toronto’s business district of the time they were one of the few businesses fortunate to survive the Great Fire of Toronto in 1904.

Throughout the subsequent years Anstey Book Binding has been able to grow and solidify their position as the leading Book Binding company in Canada. Moving beyond traditional Book Binding, Anstey Book Binding has diversified their product line while maintaining the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. As leaders in Book Binding in Canada Anstey Book Binding has worked with some of the most innovative companies and creative talents in Canada. Some of the work we are most proud of is the items we have produced working alongside local publishing houses to produce exquisite, limited edition books and portfolios. Some of these books include museum-quality pieces highlighting the work of some of the world’s best-known contemporary artists. The artists featured in our books include: Ed Ruscha, Jasper Johns, Rachel Whiteread, Edward Burtynsky, James Lahey, Claes Oldenburg.

At Anstey Book Binding we take the greatest of care with all of our clients – whether a museum publishing a limited-edition art book, or a company creating a new set of business cards – we make sure that each and every product we produce is exactly what the client has asked for with the highest attention to detail. We are an award-winning company who are continuously recognized by our peers in the printing industry. With every project and every year we aim to create a body of work that will stand the test of time.

Anstey Book Binding has been Canada’s preeminent Book Binding resource for over 130 years. Our roots in bookbinding are based on historic methods which date back hundreds of years. Prior to the advent of the computer and commercialized bookbinding, people in Toronto and other parts of Canada would turn to Anstey Book Binding for all their Book Binding needs. Originally Anstey Book Binding dealt with the two historic forms of bookbinding; stationary binding and letterpress binding. Stationary binding is the form of bookbinding that are designed for books meant to be written in – up until computers were invented, businesses would keep paper ledgers of their accounts – and the quality of these books was extremely important. Letterpress binding is the form of bookbinding that people are most familiar with, books that were for sale or were kept in libraries and were usually created by commercial publishers. Modern book binding in Canada is now a mixture of books created by hand by craftsmen and books with commercial-grade binding which are produced en mass by machines in a factory. Fortunately, there are also people who take care of historic books who are able to conserve and repair books that may be damaged. Based on these historic methods Anstey Book Binding has evolved with the times and has acquired the technology to produce large volumes of complex pieces all with a keen eye to detail and quality.

When you work with Anstey Book Binders you can be assured that we have worked with thousands of clients over the years and produce just about anything you might be looking for for your business.  Whether you are launching a new project, designing a new brand identity, or producing an event, you can count on Anstey Book Binders to work with you and your team closely to design and execute a product that will be durable, memorable and share the vision of your business.

While many people may think that book binding solely produces books or notebooks, modern book binding actually covers an incredible array of items. As Anstey Book Binders has been in business for over 100 years we have an astonishing back catalogue of products and projects on which we can draw our expertise from. At the beginning of each project we make sure to take the time to work closely with clients to understand their needs and also their hopes for the project they are entrusting to us. We understand the deep dedication that goes into building a business, at Anstey Book Binders Canadian businesses will have a true partner to work with.

While Anstey Book Binders are steeped in history, we have the most modern, up-to-date equipment which allows us to produce even the most complicated pieces. From embossing to laser cut pieces we are proud to work with everyone; from new businesses who are launching their company to historic Canadian companies who have been in business for decades.

At Anstey Book Binding, while based in Toronto, we work with clients across Canada. We have created high-profile pieces for the entertainment industry and business cards for a new start-up. Working across industries we have been able to learn a great deal about business and what companies, old or new, will need to communicate their vision. Some clients we have worked with include: Bruce Mau Design, Bata Shoe Museum, Indigo Books, Leo Burnett, the Toronto Blue Jays Club, University of Toronto and Scotiabank.

Anstey Book Binding is conveniently located in Toronto at 946 Warden Avenue. We can be contacted via email at or give us a call at 416-757-9991.

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